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Get ready for a very high energy increase!
Do you want to have a fantastic life? As you know, for many years I have been helping leaders in business, sports and art achieve great results. I increase the level of human energy, and the highest your energy level, the more luck, joy, wealth, love and peace in life you have. I make trainings to share my knowledge and wisdom of great masters. Come to my training and take your life to a new level!


Energytrip Sacred Provence

20-22 SEPTEMBER 2019

Sacred Provence

We invite you to participate in energytrip to Sacred Provence! Exclusive tour with Edouard Brault, world specialist of Energy Places.
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Energytrip Saint Petersburg


Saint Petersburg

Author's tour from Edouard Brault to the power places of Saint Petersburg is a unique chance to see the sights in a new way and feel the energy that has been energizing this city for many years.
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Future training programs


Business rules are changing. The old rules have created very heavy, brutal and boring practices where competition was king and where human happiness had very little space. It has made our world and lifes very destructive.

New rules and practices are emerging. They come with more creativity, cooperation, fun, generosity, sense of purpose, respect. Making money becomes fun.

Topics in this training:
– Get rid of money blocks and limits.
– Embrace the new winning practices and beliefs
– Creativity and imagination. Visualize your success. Make the best out of the Law of attraction!
– Energy practices of the super successful people
– Best time management techniques
– Use your intuition to make the right decisions
– Focus on your skills
– How to find good business partners. Work with a team
– Put IT and digital means on your side
– Generosity as a master key of success
– How to see bigger for your business and for your life.
– Live a magnificent life

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The New Woman

We live a fantastic period in history: the emergence of women and of the Feminine Energy is creating the most incredible opportunity for mankind and especially for women!

Topics in this training:
– The shift of Civilization is happening
– Break your glass ceiling now
– Increase Love in your life. Love brings also more success and money. How to develop your love ability
– What is the New Woman in the 21st century?
– Workshop: how to develop your super woman qualities? Balance your feminine and masculine Energies.
– What you need to understand about men. How to deal with them and get them on your side
– Attract a great love relationship / improve your love relationship
– Tips for an amazing sexuality.
– Be empathic and a master in relationships
– Develop a great intuition
– Feel your power as a woman: towards men, in business, in the society, in the family
– The Energy of the Mother. New tips on the education of children
– How to develop and incredible charisma and enhance your beauty
– Get rid of your blocks and limits. Liberate yourself from doubts and fears.
– The «Woman of Light»: you become a positive leader.
– How your Feminine Energy can help change your life and the world.

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Money Secrets

It all comes to your relationship with money, how you are programmed for it, how you think of it, how you act with it and how you can connect yourself to its limitless abundance.

Topics treated:
– Achieve financial freedom.
– My story with money, financial career and work with the billionaires.
– What is your inner financial program? Identifying the positive aspects, negatives aspects, limits, rejections, opinions and blocks.
– Reprogramming your relationship with money
– Make a fresh start with money.
– Ho’oponopono with money and cutting the negative links.
– Learn to love and respect money. Accept to have money fill your life with benefits.
– Deleting poor habits and thoughts.
– Think and act like a rich person. Spend and live rich.
– Building the dream plan.
– Accept patience and gratitude.
– What is the value you give to yourself? Learn how to sell yourself.
– Be an entrepreneur?
– Options of money making (slow, medium and fast lanes).
– Surround yourself with the right people.
– Learn to catch the opportunities.
– Put Luck on your side.
– Educate yourself.

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Energy Master “THE FLOW”

The next step of human evolution is the discovery of our energy potentials.
With this knowledge and practices, human life starts to become limitless. Time is a new beginning in history, a new beginning for your life!
⁃ What is energy and the role and functioning of energy in the human being?
⁃ Ego was the old IOS for Mankind. Access to your limitless IOS, the higher Self. Discover your true powers.
⁃ You, Consciousness and who you truly are.
⁃ Become a highly positive person.
⁃ Achieve the goals more easily.
⁃ Awaken your force through serenity.
⁃ New rules for self-development to succeed faster and more easily.
⁃ A few lessons from the masters of wisdom.
⁃ The amazing power of Joy.
⁃ The Flow and how it can transform your life.
⁃ Practice of liberation from bad habits and limits.
⁃ The development of a harmonious relationship with yourself and others.
⁃ Activating intuition.
⁃ An easy way to effective meditation.
⁃ Practice of energetic visualization.
⁃ Main rules for the manifestation of your desires.

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From me to you, if this is something that you are interested in trying, you have nothing to lose and potentially has a lot to gain. Peace, clarity, inspiration. Possibly whatever you needed it, it can very well help you. So I just love it.

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Москва: 1-2 Декабря 2018

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